Failure is the somber reality of projects. At a value of $20M, 30% will fail. Above $100M, 50% do. And at $1B and beyond, an astounding 70%.

Stop wasting capital. Control projects. Cut costs across the board.

Traditional execution schemes won't cut it. The status quo can't cut it. NAIAD applies advanced, state-of-the-art management techniques to execute projects into profitably performing assets. Assets, be they large-scale industrial plants, pipelines, mines, civil infrastructures, cleantech systems or complex engineered equipment, are realized first and foremost to guarantee sustained investment returns to their shareholders. Our mamnagement philosophy resolves all decisions and financial priorities in favour of the ROI objectives. It empowers clients to stop projects from failing, from blowing through budgets, from wasting money during execution and from busting schedules.

The NAIAD advantage

Significant cost savings in both capex and opex projects:

  • Project management costs cut by 60%
  • Project execution costs cut by 40%
  • Construction costs cut by 25 to 50%
  • Recovery & salvage of projects gone off-the-rails

The NAIAD commitment

NAIAD differs from other consultancies in one critical aspect: we are, first and foremost, seasoned and hands-on project professionals. We embrace the accountability to implement the strategies that we design. Our commitment to efficient capital deployment is unconditional. We give project owners a road map to predictable and repeatable success with their project portfolios, whatever the local or global economic circumstances.