Failure is the somber reality of projects. At a value of $20M, 30% will fail. Above $100M, 50% do. Beyond $1B, an astounding 70%.

Stop wasting capital. Control projects. Cut costs across the board.

Traditional execution schemes won't cut it. The status quo can't cut it. NAIAD applies advanced, state-of-the-art management techniques to execute projects into capital assets capable of maximizing long-term shareholder value.

Our management philosophy empowers clients to stop projects from failing, from blowing through budgets, from wasting money, and from busting schedules.

The NAIAD advantage

  • Cut project management costs by 60%
    • Cut project execution costs by 40%
      • Cut construction costs by 25 to 50%

The NAIAD commitment

NAIAD differs from other consultancies in one critical aspect: we are, first and foremost, seasoned and hands-on project professionals. Our commitment to efficient capital deployment is unconditional. We reject failure as an execution's outcome.

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