Machine Sciences

Industrial projects are increasingly becoming global in execution

They are engineered against expectations of speed to market, cost and risk containment, security of supply and certainty of quality.

The NAIAD solution

These expectations add worrying levels of complexity and risks. Corralling this complexity and taming the risks lie at the heart of our Machine Sciences Group. Active since the company’s inception in 2000, its portfolio of services comprises:

  • Asset integrity analysis
  • Code compliance certification
  • Equipment and system engineering
  • Simulation and modelling (full field physics)
  • Engineering authentication (P.Eng. stamping)
  • Reliability and maintainability programs
  • Failure analysis and prevention
  • Supply chain management
  • Manufacturing methods

At NAIAD, physics rules, engineering governs, risks constrain, and economics ensue

The NAIAD advantage

Engineering is not software. Software is not expertise. And expertise is more than experience

NAIAD’s machine science professional embrace difficult, scary problems and do not shun physics and mathematical complexity. Advanced mechanics, applied mathematics and holistic analytical tools are marshaled to correctly quantify a machine's design and reliability limits, its failure mode and containment behavior, its manufacturability costs and its compliance to governing codes. We operate across the entire equipment supply chain and understand the complexities of working within workshare / outsourced execution strategies.

The NAIAD commitment

At NAIAD, economics are the measure of engineering. The motto is aligned with the pursuit of an asset’s profitable performance. It serves as insurance to protect our Clients’ long term profitability, competitiveness and risk exposure.

Group presentation

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