Capital Projects

NAIAD runs projects. We make them make their owners money. And we demolish their budget and schedule threats.

Our professionals are seasoned specialists of capex and opex projects across a variety of industrial sectors.

NAIAD's personnel bring advanced, state-of-the-art practices in project execution across a project's lifecycle, from concept to operating profitability. We plan them; run them; salvage them; enpower clients to run them; and transfer knowledge to client's personnel in the process.

We will also work behind the frontlines to construct the client's project execution framework or portfolio oversight organization, and remain present to assist, train and mentor the client's personnel and teams.

Why hire NAIAD?

Take this test to find out. If any of the answers was no, NAIAD might just be the solution to bringing back profitability to your projects

What NAIAD means to you

Two words: costs cut. The depth of experience of our personnel yields the highest level of productivity. Our people require no ramp-up and minimal supervision; they are autonomous and give you maximum bang for your buck. The direct accountability principle yields the smallest team head count. The overall effect is a significant reduction in team, management, execution and asset costs