Masters of the art and science of project execution

Founded in 2000 in Calgary (Canada), NAIAD is home to state-of-the-art expertise in major project delivery, innovation management, technology development and machine engineering.

We embrace an execution philosophy that considers projects as investment vehicles to develop assets that will deliver long term ROI to shareholders.

We work globally with asset owners, E&P companies, producers, manufacturers, constructors and equipment vendors. We thrive on complex, high-risk, large-scale projects typical of capital intensive industries, innovation ventures and technology development.

The greater the financial risks, the broader the execution footprint, the harder the physics; that's NAIAD.

Why choose NAIAD over of the rest?

  • To cut project costs across the board;
    • To accelerate timelines and speed to market;
      • To get certainty of quality and performance;
        • To maximize profits during anasset's economic life