NAIAD is a project consulting company. We make projects make money.

Mastering the art and science of projects

Founded in 2000 in Calgary, Canada, today NAIAD offers advanced, state-of-the-art expertise in the realms of project management and technology engineering. Our two divisions, Project Consulting and Machine Sciences, each span their subject's entirelifecycle, from idea to operational readiness. We embrace an execution philosophy that considers projects as investment vehicles to develop assets that will guarantee shareholders' ROI over their economic life.

We work with asset owners, exploration and production companies, fabricators, consrtuctors and equipment vendors. We thrive on complex, high-risk, large-scale projects typical of capital intensive industries including oil and gas, mining, energy and infrastructure. Project locations have so far reached North and South America, Asia, China, Japan, Middle East and Russia.

Why choose NAIAD over of the rest?

When you are motivated to:

  • cut project costs across the board
  • accelerate timelines and speed to market
  • get certainty of quality and performance
  • maximize profits during anasset's economic life

We walk our talk. We own our accountability for the outcomes we deliver.