We quantify the physics governing the behaviour of a system

Hardcore engineering

The approach resolves the interplay of all couplings arising from the reality of the operation, and simultaneously solve all relevant phenomena. The result: a quantification of a system’s true reactions. That quantification cannot be achieved from code-sequenced empirical formulae and fudge factors; one must solve the entire geometry under consideration, without simplifications to loads, constraints, material behaviour or geometric cardinality.

Mastery of equipment design

NAIAD has worked on a multitude of machines and systems such as:

  • Autonomous naval weapon systems
  • CAD process automation
  • Casing drivers (inline), CO2 and frac pumpers, conveyors and material handling
  • Cranes, hoists, derricks and masts, structural lattices and racks
  • Drilling rigs and stimulation equipment
  • Energy conservation an storage systems
  • Filtration and separation, fired equipment, flares and incinerators
  • Fusion reactors and energy conversion systems
  • Gearboxes, couplings and flywheels, top drives and drill bits
  • Heat & air cooled exchangers, heat recovery and cogeneration
  • Industrial plant design
  • Packaged equipment (compressors, pumps, gensets, process skids)
  • Pipelines and pressure vessels, storage tanks
  • Software development (engineering and scientific applications)
  • Space station test furnace, submersible de-watering pump
  • Square Kilometer Array telescope
  • Transportation systems (road and rail)

Full-field analytics

Our design and engineering activities are complemented by stalwart capabilities in modeling and simulations, using finite element analysis (FEA), computational fluid dynamics (CFD), fluid-solid interactions (FSI), explicit dynamics and multiphysics. Simulations are especially powerful in the assessment of a system's compliance with its governing codes, such as AISI, ASCE, API, ASME and CSA.