Innovation projects

The innovation economy has become integral to the modern economic system

Solving the conundrum of high-risk development and certainty of success

The innovation domain is recognized everywhere as strategic advantage to any innovator or company aiming to thrive on the global stage. It represents a fantastic opportunity to create wealth but carries within it a high risk of failure stemming from the compexity of transforming an idea into a commercially successful business. The innovation journey is unlike any other business endeavour in the underlying uncertainty that permeates the development process over time. NAIAD brings to innovators and innovation consortia alike the unique and potent organizational framework to transform an idea into a physical (or algorithmic) incarnation without breaking the bank.

The NAIAD advantage

Mastering the art and science of innovation management

NAIAD works with innovators and proponents of viable product ideas who lack the wherewithal to undertake the development journey. We embrace a philosophy of techology development that regards the innovation process as investment vehicle to create a commercially successful business. The focus is on the future profitability of the business ,anchored to the potency of the innovation. We define success in terms of commercial profitability rather than technological wizzardry. This approach has a name: investment-centric innovation management (ICIM).

The NAIAD commitment

We do front-end planning of clients technology development projects. We assist them with funding applications and scope-of-work definition; with engineering, design & analysis, and with the execution of the R&D work; and with the overall management of projects.

The NAIAD-Client relationship is founded on NAIAD`s agency throughout the innovation journey. Clients retain sole ownership of intellectual property, commercial rights and market shares.