President's message

Innovating the innovation business (March 2017)

NAIAD unveils its newest consulting offering in the realm of innovation management, tailored specifically to the reality of small and medium, enterprises, also known as SME.

Going beyond the rethoric. The subject of innovation has become a permanent fixture of the current political and economic discourse. Governments, politicians and business people alike are embracing openly what has been happening covertly for decades: economic growth is driven by innovation. The political class embrace it for the promise of jobs and tax revenues that it carries. Business people advocate its benefits in the name of productivity gains and shareholder value creation. Individuals latch on to the promises of entrepreneurship and control of one's destiny. The innovation domain is a rare beast in a zoo of special interests: its merits are ubiquitously recognized. Innovators of the world, unite!

Like motherhood and apple pie, arguing against innovations is a futile waste of energy. Firstly, the underlying forces are simply to strong to fight. Secondly, the benefits far outweigh whatever drawbacks they create. Everyon is for it, and everyone is gong ho to get in on the act. But buying a ticket for this train is by no means a guarantee of reaching the destination. Coming up with an idea is infinitely simpler than transforming it into a viable commercial entreprise.

Innovation is discipline. The innovation domain was a fouding tenet of NAIAD. We have always understood its importance to the world of business. Over the decades, NAIAD has honed its knowhow in defining, scoping, solving and commercializing innovative ideas for our clients and for ourselves. Along the way, we have refined the methods of technology development into a comprehensive execution philosophy that we call investment-centric innovation management. We undertand what is required to succeed, and what leads to failure. We have mastered the entire process spanning the hatching of an idea to the commercialization of its physical embodiment. We know what works, what doesn't and how to navigate the treacherous waters of the journey. And, more importantly, we are intimately aware of the need to do these projects without breaking the bank.

NAIAD enpowers companies of any size, from the one-man start-up to the established behemoth to undertake an innovation program that will reach its goal of successful commercialization in the shortest distance (money and time-wise).