Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Calgary, Canada, NAIAD lends its know-how to international clients seeking greater certainty with their capital project strategy and execution, and ultimately, their investment returns.

We develop, finance, and build capital and infrastructure projects. We work with asset proponents to establish the right strategy to execute large, complex projects. We work with local and national authorities to enable then maximize local contents and social equity. We finance, solely or jointly, the projects that are investment-worthy. Finally, we take a multi-decade view on asset ownership and operations.

ROIs anchor NAIAD’s entire business philosophy. We understand the imperative to protect risk capital bank rolling industrial and national assets.
– Steven Keays, President

For two decades, NAIAD has succeeded through its investment-centric project philosophy across several industries including aerospace, automotive, defense, industrial, manufacturing, Oil & Gas, and technology innovations. Its project footprint spans the Americas, Asia, Eurasia, and the Middle East. NAIAD’s workforce is seasoned, battle hardened in the trenches of project execution, and experienced with why capital project fail and succeed.


NAIAD was founded in December 2000 as an engineering consultancy in the field of Machine Sciences.  Hardcore engineering, design, analytics and physics simulations formed the core of the operation from the outset.  The unique range of capabilities housed under the same roof quickly gained recognition among fabricators, manufacturers and equipment suppliers to the Oil & Gas Industry.  Oil & Gas Majors followed suit thereafter, in the more esoteric fields of failure analysis, fatigue predictions, and API 579 fitness-for-service investigations.

Diversification began to unfold from 2002 onward, as NAIAD lent its expertise to clients from the aerospace, automotive, defense, energy, industrial, marine, and space sectors.  This diversification took NAIAD down the path of project management (2003), patents and innovations (2006), construction management (2008), and project delivery (2015).  The work took on an increasingly global footprint with projects in the US (2004), Yemen (2007), Russia (2007), Peru (2009), South Korea (2013), China (2013), and Japan (2014).

In 2012, NAIAD under its first corporate re-structuring initiative, which would lead eventually to a profound transformation of its operations as an office-less network of digital workers, anticipating by several years the virtual office framework of today, in the era of the Cloud.  This transformation was initially pursued to aggressively enhance the firm’s cost structure.  Unbeknownst to everyone at the time, this transformation proved to be the harbinger of the operating model now sitting at the heart of NAIAD’s strategy of engagement and execution.

2020 marks another milestone in the history of the company: its transformation as a global project delivery consultancy working directly for asset owners, governments, and private equity firms invested in capital project realization.