For capital & financing seekers

NAIAD provides funding solutions to proponents of investment opportunities across the globe in the resource extraction, energy, transportation, infrastructure, real estate, hospitality, tourism, agriculture, and technology sectors. Investment will be done either through debt financing or equity/securitization or both. NAIAD will also consider IP-driven investments in patentable technology development and manufacturing facilities. Projects can be privately or publicly sponsored, preferably on a sole source basis but also PPP-type foundation executed under a variety of schemes that include BOO, BOOT, BOT, LOB, and LUOT among others. Once the asset is back into full operation, NAIAD and its network of investors do not get involved in the day-to-day operations of the asset.

Project proponents are invited to contact Mr. Steven Keays, CEO, at to initiate the engagement process.

Getting projects bankable

Alternatively, project proponents can engage NAIAD to develop their projects into bankable, investment opportunities prior to initiating the investor assessment process. The extents of the work can be piecemeal or cover the entire project lifecycle, with a particular emphasis on the feasibility, scope formulation, economics modeling, in-country capability quantification, and realization strategy.

Project delivery

Certainty implies expertise, experience, and ….. skin in the game

In certain circumstances, NAIAD may remain involved with the opportunity, post-funding, to act as an Advisor to the opportunity’s executive team or take on the role of Project Manager over the overall execution of a development project. NAIAD will set up a Project Realization Team that reports directly to the group of private investors supplying the funding. NAIAD’s Project Realization Team represents the investor group and protects the group’s risk capital during the delivery phase of the asset. In turn, NAIAD’s Project Realization Team is given the mandate to see the asset realization through to operational handover. In this capacity, the team defines the scale, scope, timelines, and cash flow demands of the realization process, as well as the plans, strategies and construction schemes. The team manages all the supply chain players invited to participate on the realization works.

The Differentiation

NAIAD’s mastery of project management stems from a wealth of expertise battle-tested in the trenches of large capital projects, and honed over decades of successes and, yes, failures. 

This expertise is marshalled through an execution framework built on three pillars: a singular reserve of human capital constituted from industry veterans recognized as subject matter experts; a digital infrastructure free of physical, geographical, availability and costly overhead limits; and an Investment-Centric Project Management methodology pursuant to the two primes. 

The result?  A project delivery ecosystem that is global in reach, insulated from ambivalent decision-making, ego-driven agendas, and subpar performance from any party involved in the project.  Projects are compelled to face reality head on, to emphasize performance, and to reject excuses or justifications for failed outcomes. 

NAIAD is thus able to mobilize resources in real-time, on demand, from anywhere on the planet, without compromises to expertise, productivity, or execution effectiveness.  Precise, accelerated execution reaches maximum efficiency through our experts who get to the right answers in the shortest time, at the least costs to the client.