For Investors

A portal to global investment opportunities

NAIAD provides private and institutional investors investment opportunities across the globe from its portfolio of bankable projects in the resource extraction, energy, transportation, infrastructure, real estate, hospitality, tourism, agriculture and technology sectors. Opportunities include debt financing, equity, securitization, or a hybrid of them.  Project valuations begin at $5M; typically fall in the $100M to $500M range; and without a pre-set upper bound. 

Simplicity of engagement

The NAIAD portfolio of project is kept up to date as new prospects are uncovered.  Investors can communicate their interest directly with NAIAD’s CEO, Steven J. Keays at to initiate the engagement process.

For all portfolio opportunities, NAIAD acts as meditator between Investor and Proponent. All negotiations are carried directly between the two parties, with NAIAD continuing in the mediation role.  Both Investor and Proponent can also involve NAIAD in the definition, feasibility, bankability, formulation, oversight or execution of the overall project.   Once the investment deal is reached, NAIAD can remain involved in the project as Agent of the Investor.

Portfolio of investment-ready projects

Prospect by the Investor

The Investor can engage NAIAD as its partner or consultant to assess, formulate, and orchestrate a project promoted by the Investor.   In this instance, NAIAD’s role is exclusively defined by the Investor, with a view to maximizing the Investor’s success with the investment opportunity – which can also result in a recommendation to not get involved with the project, thus protecting the Investor’s capital.