Steven J. Keays, M.A.Sc., P.Eng.

Founder and CEO

Mr. Keays is a 35-years veteran of the aerospace, defense, energy, manufacturing and Oil and Gas industries.  He is a professional engineer, a graduate of the Royal Military College of Canada, founder of NAIAD Company Ltd (2000) and the Institute of Advanced Management (2018).  He is a successful author, keynote speaker and consultant in major projects, modularization & construction, innovation programs, digital-industrial transformations, and technology development.  Mr. Keays has written extensively on project management, innovation and technology, and digital strategies.  He is the author of Le Big Bang Canadien (1993), the seminal text Investment-Centric Project Management (2017), the follow-up Investment-Centric Innovation Project Management (2018), and The Binary Firm (2020), the third instalment of the investment-centric series.  He is also a guest lecturer on project management with the Canadian Academy of Leadership and Human Capital Development (www.canlead.org).

Margaret E. Keays

Chief Operating Officer

Ms Keays joined the company in 2003 as Chief Operating Officer with oversight over all commercial, legal, HR and supply chain activities.  She was instrumental in achieving NAIAD’s defence security clearance from the Canadian Industrial Security Directorate (Government of Canada); in shepherding several patent applications jointly in Canada and the US; in transforming NAIAD into a Value-Added-Retailer (VAR) of the software suites from PTC and ANSYS; and in the financial engineering of the company’s challenging periods following the 2008 and 2014 oil crashes. She is an inveterate entrepreneur in her own right, and NAIAD’s “sober second thought” advisor in matters of long term growth, capitalization, and marketing orientation.

David Song, P.Eng., PMP, M.Eng.

Global Head – Risk

Mr. Song is in his third decade of work in the Construction, Energy, LNG, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, and Transportation industries, with an emphasis on large, billion-dollar capital projects. He is a Subject Matter Expert in the realms of project risks and scoping, sequencing & scheduling, quantitative risk assessments, and performance execution metrics. Mr. Song’s track record includes a long list of prestigious assignments in project and organizational managements at Suncor, Worley (and previous Worley Parsons), Canadian Pacific Railway, AMEC and Sinopec. Mr. Song has also delved repetitively in global procurement processes, supply chain quality management, and international outsourcing.

Dr. Ehab Shaheen, Ph.D., M.Sc. P.Eng., PMP

Global Head – Engineering

Dr. Shaheen brings close to three decades of experience in the trenches of project execution in the oil and gas industry, with a focus on high pressure, large diameter pipeline systems.  Dr. Shaheen has managed billion-dollar projects, led project delivery groups, and been involved with every aspect of capital project delivery, from design & engineering to construction & integrity assurance, procurement & contracts to logistics & regulatory, and everything in between.  His track record includes projects in onshore and offshore pipelines, mining equipment, marine terminals, and  rail / truck offloading facilities.  Dr. Shaheen is a subject matter expert (SME) and conference speaker in materials selection, root cause failure analysis (RCFA) investigation and fracture mechanics. He is an associate researcher at the University of Calgary, and has published widely on environmental spill consequence of pipelines, structural reinforcements, fracture mechanics, retrofitting of historical structures, and structural health monitoring.

Roger Tissot

Global Head – Analysis

Mr. Tissot comes to NAIAD with over three decades of intensive exposure to the analytical side of capital projects worldwide. Fundamentally, Mr. Tissot has spent his career advising national and global organizations on the answer to the question: is the project ecosystem, and the surrounding geo-political forces that shape it, an enabler or destroyer of an investment opportunity? His analytical approach is multivariate and empirical, yet guided by an uncanny instinct for the “feel” for the likelihood of success or failure of a proposed investment opportunity. His focus is far removed from technical and engineering concerns, but concerned primordially with the political, fiscal, social, and regulatory challenges that make the difference between project Go or No Go.

Dr. Michael Leamen, Ph.D., P.Eng.

Global Head – Construction

Dr. Michael Leamen is Subject Matter Expert in industrial project construction spanning two decades in Oil & Gas pipelines and facilities, industrial buildings, and civil infrastructure. He is especially seasoned in the trenches of construction execution in difficult, remote locations where environment, logistics, climatic, and regulatory constraints were challenging (to put in mildly). His track record in the realm of health, safety, and social, and environmental (HSSE compliance) is flawless, despite the fact that most projects were executed under Canada’s extreme regulatory regime. Dr. Leamen is also a published academic author of several papers in chemical engineering.


Antonio J.R.M Gobbo, Von Glehn, Gobbo & Partners (G2P)

Richard Martin, Founder and CEO – CanLead

Richard Maillet, TC Energy

Jean Tele Udimba, Founder – Biashara

Adan Garcia Otero, BHP Wesserhute

Brent Laing, Founder and CEO – Laing Railway Consulting

Stan Lloyd, CEO – Lloyd Engineering, Inc.