Injecting greater certainty into the realization of capital and national projects.

NAIAD counsels investors, decision-makers and governments on the optimal strategies to construct their major projects in a way that attracts and protects investment capital.   Our portfolio of consulting services is aligned with the World Bank’s project cycle framework (identification-preparation-appraisal-negotiation-implementation-completion). Our client engagement philosophy is built upon a dual foundation: capital success & socio-economic empowerment. The first pillar is directed squarely at the economics of a project, from both project sponsors and investors. The second pillar is focused on the host nation’ socio-economic priorities to reduce poverty, improve citizens’ quality of life, and achieve sustainable economic, social and institutional development. The philosophy is crafted explicitly as a WinX4: win for the project, for the investors, for the host nation, and for its citizens.

Mission: Get the project funded. The world is awash with private capital in search of viable investment opportunities. Getting projects done is not a matter of money, but compelling economics. In the capitalization stage, NAIAD works primarily with the project sponsor (or host), once the project intention is announced. From there, NAIAD works on formulating the project in terms of an attractive investment opportunity for private and institutional capital. The work entails developing the project structure, orchestrate the feasibility studies, create the economic models, de-risk the project, elaborate the financing options, and, ultimately, secure the capitalization needed to get the project done.

MissionFinance the project.    NAIAD will invest directly into an infrastructure project as a minority, majority, or sole ownership basis, under an SPV asset holding structure. Target projects will be institutional-quality investment opportunities for operating assets yielding twenty-plus years of sustained revenues, in both green and brown field circumstances. Ideal investment range of US $50 to $100M, executed under a variety of schemes (EPCM, EPC, BOO, BOOT, BOT, LOB, LUOT, etc.) NAIAD will consider the acquisition of operating assets or portfolios up to 100% or co-invest with existing
owners in SPVs holding assets. NAIAD will also consider asset acquisitions in the secondary market.

MissionGet the project done.    The delivery of a project entails four major stages, each requiring unique sets of methodology, priorities, and focus:  strategy, tendering, realization, and commercialization.  NAIAD engineers the execution strategies, the management delivery framework, the regulatory management controls, the execution plans, the tendering process, and the work sequence. NAIAD can then supervise the overall project, manage it as agent of the Client, or execute it as Prime Contractor. Bottom line: NAIAD sees it done, gets it done, or does it itself.

Mission: Get the nation hired. Investors require confidence in the efficient deployment of their risk capital.  From their perspective, the project’s environment is a giant reservoir of risks that add up to one question: can this asset be built profitably? On the flip side, the project’s host views it as an engine of socio-economic development.  NAIAD plays a key role in bridging these two solitudes.  NAIAD woks with the host to develop a comprehensive plan to build up the host’s aggregate capacities and capabilities, from regulatory frameworks and program management practices to skills acquisition and knowledge transfer, to world-class vendor qualifications and integration in to a project’s overall execution strategy. 

Mission: Empower the institutions. Many emerging economies and small-market nations suffer from the implementation gap.  This gap manifests itself by lack of experience or resources to move from concept to profitably-performing assets.  This gap also affects a nation’s ability to engage international financing institutions (IFI) effectively. NAIAD’s role is to get them over their implementation gap and marshal, on their behalf.  IFI liaison, regulatory oversight, corporate governance, project control, engineering & design, supply chain management, fabrication and modular construction, digitalization, entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership & management are among the domains of expertise available to build a stronger tomorrow.

The Differentiation

NAIAD’s mastery of project management stems from a wealth of expertise battle-tested in the trenches of large capital projects, and honed over decades of successes and, yes, failures. 

This expertise is marshalled through an execution framework built on three pillars: a singular reserve of human capital constituted from industry veterans recognized as subject matter experts; a digital infrastructure free of physical, geographical, availability and costly overhead limits; and an Investment-Centric Project Management methodology pursuant to the two primes. 

The result?  A project delivery ecosystem that is global in reach, insulated from ambivalent decision-making, ego-driven agendas, and subpar performance from any party involved in the project.  Projects are compelled to face reality head on, to emphasize performance, and to reject excuses or justifications for failed outcomes. 

NAIAD is thus able to mobilize resources in real-time, on demand, from anywhere on the planet, without compromises to expertise, productivity, or execution effectiveness.  Precise, accelerated execution reaches maximum efficiency through our experts who get to the right answers in the shortest time, at the least costs to the client.