Injecting greater certainty into the realization of capital and national projects.

NAIAD counsels investors, decision-makers and governments on the optimal strategies to construct their major projects in a way that protects their investment capital.  

Find the best path to realize the project, manage stakeholders, protect the risk capital, and maximize long-term asset ROI. Develop realistic financial models, risk containment schemes, and financing options. Establish the governance framework over the project’s global ecosystem. Devise the appropriate training and development strategies for domestic human capital and supply chains in emerging markets

Map out the overall project delivery framework, the governance parameters, and the execution plans. Define the scope, budgets, timelines, asset performance, and risk profiles for the stages of execution. Establish the project management strategy, the consortium / Prime structures, and the accountability hierarchy. Develop the overall digital management strategy. Launch the project.

Control the progress of the project’s execution performance, supply chain efficacy, and financial metrics. Conduct independent audits, arbitrate conflicts, manage stakeholder issues, and troubleshoot bottlenecks. Implement and monitor the digital management strategy. Keep tight control over quality, cost and schedule targets.

Deploy and manage the training and development strategies for domestic human capital. Conduct high level training programs for executives, public managers, and regulatory bodies. Conduct applied training programs for project execution teams, supply chain participants, and technical training schools.

The Differentiation

NAIAD’s mastery of project management stems from a wealth of expertise battle-tested in the trenches of large capital projects, and honed over decades of successes and, yes, failures. 

This expertise is marshalled through an execution framework built on three pillars: a singular reserve of human capital constituted from industry veterans recognized as subject matter experts; a digital infrastructure free of physical, geographical, availability and costly overhead limits; and an Investment-Centric Project Management methodology pursuant to the two primes. 

The result?  A project delivery ecosystem that is global in reach, insulated from ambivalent decision-making, ego-driven agendas, and subpar performance from any party involved in the project.  Projects are compelled to face reality head on, to emphasize performance, and to reject excuses or justifications for failed outcomes. 

NAIAD is thus able to mobilize resources in real-time, on demand, from anywhere on the planet, without compromises to expertise, productivity, or execution effectiveness.  Precise, accelerated execution reaches maximum efficiency through our experts who get to the right answers in the shortest time, at the least costs to the client.