Training and Development

Human capital lies at the heart of every capital project’s success.

​Failure is too often the inevitable outcome of major projects.  Failure, however, needs not be an option and can indeed be through proficient teams, potent execution strategies, and powerful management methodologies.  All of which are available through Naiad’s training and development courses.

Modern projects and organizations are too complex to be managed by traditional management approaches.  Success requires a different paradigm, one that is investment-centric at all stages of execution. – Steven Keays, President of Naiad


These courses are designed for executives from the private and public sectors seeking to acquire the knowledge and competencies to conceive, plan, evaluate and direct large or national capital projects commanding international investments.  The courses are tailored to finance, banking, government, engineering, and construction professionals:

– Strategic leadership for the management of large investment capital projects
– Strategic leadership for the management of national and global supply chains
– Strategic leadership in logistics Corruption prevention

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These courses are designed for line and senior managers the private and public sectors seeking to achieve professional efficiencies in the management of organizations and businesses. 

– Leadership and accountability
– Investment-centric management
– Scoping and Allocations
– Knowledge management
– Growth strategies
– Digital transformation

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These courses are designed for professionals already acquainted with the management of capital projects.  These courses are advanced by nature and introduce participants to the state of art in project management practices:

– Understanding project success
– Capital Projects I – Strategy
– Capital Projects II – Execution
– Capital Projects III – Risks
– Supply Chain I – Strategy
– Supply Chain II – Logistics
– Modularization Datum strategy

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These courses are intended for business professionals seeking to understand the process of the innovation and implatement strategies for their technology development programs: 

– The business of start-up
– The business of innovation
– Growth and exit strategies
– The art of presentation Self-sabotage: the enemy within

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